Ameera Ali-Aziz
Ameera Ali-Aziz - Season (1)


Ameera Ali-Aziz





Marital Status


Past marriage(s)

Noah Mayer (Annulled) {2008}

First Appereance

February 22, 2008

Last Appereance

June 18, 2008

Portrayed by

Tala Ashe

Ameera Ali-Aziz was a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama As the World Turns. She was portrayed by Tala Ashe and made her first appearance on February 22, 2008.

Character HistoryEdit

Ameera arrived in Oakdale, hoping to find some connection to Colonel Winston Mayer. He was her mother's protector while serving in Iraq but when he was reassigned (and then imprisoned), her mother had no one. She died. Ameera fled Iraq because she, too, was in danger and unwanted by the rest of her family.

Upon arriving in Oakdale, Ameera met Noah, Win's son. When he heard her sad story Noah agreed to a marriage of convenience, upsetting boyfriend Luke Snyder. As soon as they were married Ameera began to fall for him and wanted their marriage to become a real union; Noah told her that could not happen.

Ameera began acting strangely and then was contacted the The Colonel. She decided to meet with him in secret but Noah learned of the plan and insisted on coming along. Their car broke down on the way and Noah and Luke were attacked by two other men; they weren't seriously hurt. Ameera insisted she still needed to see The Colonel but before they could get to the prison, he escaped!

The Colonel kidnapped Ameera and used her to get to Noah. Noah and Luke followed him to New York and tried to rescue Ameera but Luke actually got her arrested instead. The Colonel found her again and took her onto a boat; Noah stowed away. Luke and a few police officers were about to catch up with them when The Colonel jumped overboard. He was presumed dead.

Ameera decided it was really time to move on with her life and left Oakdale.

Actress HistoryEdit

  • Tala Ashe - (February 22, 2008 - June 18, 2008)