William "Will" Munson is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera As The World Turns.

Actor History:Edit

  • John Pink (05/1993-01/1996; recurring)
  • Bryan Abadrabo (01/1996-12/1999; recurring)
  • Brett Groneman (01/2000-01/2004; recurring)
  • Jesse Lee Soffer (01/2004-04/2008 & 05/2010-)

Other Information:Edit

  • Born (on-screen) May 31, 1993 [later changed to May 31, 1988]
  • William Harold Ryan Munson (full name)

Family and relationships:Edit



Martial status:Edit

Past marriage(s):Edit

  • None/unknown


Other relatives:Edit

  • Harold Munson Sr. (paternal grandfather, deceased)
  • Unknown woman (paternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Charles "Chuck" Ryan (maternal grandfather, deceased)
  • Jennifer Sullivan (maternal grandmother, deceased)
  • Claire Munson Shelby (paternal aunt)
  • Richard "Rick" Ryan (maternal uncle)
  • Melinda Grey (maternal aunt, deceased)
  • Frances "Frannie" Hughes (maternal aunt)
  • Jennifer Ryan (niece, deceased)
  • Eliza Ryan (niece)
  • John "Johnny" Montgomery (nephew)
  • Tess Shelby (paternal cousin)

Flings and relationships:Edit